Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dusting away the cobwebs....

Oooops!! Thought I'd quickly log onto the old blog site, only to find my last blog was in July 2012!! How naughty is that?!! The naughty step for me!!

Well I do have a backlog of customers that need a wee blog done of their event - it might not happen too quickly but it WILL happen!

So I hope this little blog finds you all fit & well and recovering from the Christmas & New Year fun and ready for whatever 2013 brings!

Heres a pic of the fabulous birthday present I got on Monday from my hubby. My kids & their pony Lady as a pencil drawing - its just beautiful! Get yours from

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Emma & Keeley's Birthday Bash....

So this little blog is all about Emma & Keeley's Birthday Bash. Situated a couple of weeks ago, at the lovely Kirkley Hall, when we had dry weather and clear blue skies & were surrounded by acres of the beautiful Northumberland countryside.
So fabulous were the surroundings, that it masked the craziness that was happening inside!
The photobooth was set up, where guests of the birthday girls could come and have photos taken, adorned with various kinds of props. And what a stream of traffic it had!
Also to add to the goings on, was a set by the Zumba Boys in the main hall. Two young fit chaps performing a highly aerobic Zumba sequence, much to the ladies delight, so much so they all joined in!

Below are just a few of the many photos taken on the night - including the Zumba Boys!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Lucy & Wayne...

So on the same trip down to Huddersfield, I called in at my Cousin Lucy's house to take a few photos of her and her other half Wayne.
The same trampoline from the Rutherfords was used for this photoshoot too! It got some use that day!

Then off to the park we went where Wayne had a close encounter with a certain log! Enjoy :)

The Rutherfords...

So a few weeks ago now, myself and my family took a little road trip down to Huddersfield where The Rutherfords were waiting for me to capture their family's little faces!
The weather was so much better than it has been these past few weeks so no umbrellas were needed!
But the most favoured prop used by the 4 Rutherford kiddies was their trampoline!

Some great "air" shots were captured. They sure know how to jump on that thing! Have a peek below... :)

The Hawkshaw/Burkinshaws....

Once upon a time, there were 3 family's who decided to partake in a studio shoot. There were Grandmammy & Grandaddy, Uncle & Auntie, Mammy & Daddy & the 2 baby bears.
Mammy thought that little girl baby bear would be very shy & timid and perhaps wouldn't like her photo being wrong Mammy was! We could not get her out from in front of the camera! & young little boy baby bear was just as comfortable, with his few gurgles and very prominent "Toon Toon's!"

Such fun was had by all, and without a bowl of porridge or a lumpy bed in sight! Mind you a cow did wangle its way into a few of the photos didn't it little girl baby bear? :)

Here's just a few pictures of the fun and frolics captured.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mr & Mrs Jarvie

Well hello again world!! It feels like an age since I last posted a blog!
A bit of back-log going on but this is the first one in a while & the others will follow asap!

So this little blog finds us a few weeks ago in the company of the now, Mr & Mrs Jarvie. Married at Newcastle Civic Centre, on a lovely sunny spring day, well before any of this rain arrived!
Jo had told me of the beautiful dress she had bought, and sure enough as she got out of the car, where her bridesmaids made sure she looked perfect, the dress had the wow factor! Along with the gorgeous blue shoes and bouquet of blue anemone's.

As we were taking our places in the service room, the music started and in came Jo accompanied by her mother, but after a couple of steps, Jo's head dropped!! Oh no what's happening??? Within seconds, her head was thrown back in laughter and up came her left leg with her garter hanging around her ankle!! In that short space of time it had wound its way to her feet and had everybody in fits of laughter - much like the rest of my time with them.
I have to say I don't think Ive been to a wedding where there was so much laughter. It really was a fabulous atmosphere.

If you scroll further down you will find the "Garter-Gate" photo to which Jo took in her stride! (No pun intended!)